Our Domestic Political Vision:


The Freedom Party of the Sun has been under the making for around five years, but it has been taking a far longer time than we'd planned. But now we're here. And internationally we've already been reached to many people. But we must work on our own homefield! The Party Leader is Aldo Colliander. Don't judge the man! Think about what we're trying to make and accomplish! And we're trying to get the voters to look our way. The politics aare here. With 31 years in Sweden, I've been through all the changes, and politics have claimed my heart. We've seen all many different political parties drive Sweden toward an entire wrong road! We're a multicultural society that has to take care of its people. The time when incompetent party leaders could play popstars in television is over! There's a new time for Sweden, and their way has gone the highway.


We're the new Sweden! We're the brightness of Sweden! We're the party of the Sun! We're the party of the Light! We're those who'll make a change in Sweden! We'll take Sweden to the new century! Without racism and fuse, we'll make Sweden into a new Nation of the Future that everyone else will like to cooperate and invest with. A nation that will become a pro-example for other nations! Unfortunately, it isn't! Right now, we're under crise situation, there leading parties don't know what they're doing! That's why we're here!


Some of the goals we're planing to concentrate on:


1. A more efficient crime fighting policy; a secure and crimefree society is a productive and active society. Therefore we demand more resources for the crime fighting authorities, including the police, and also that punishment for more vulgar and serious crimes should be tougher. However, we believe that repeat offenders should be treated with a effective rehabilitation program, rather than long prison terms, in order to help them become productive members of society.

2. International economy and cooperation with the bigger nations.

3. The legalization of cannabis for medicial and scientifical purposes.

4. Reintroduce the strong policy of neutrality; no Swedish soldiers' lives for the interests of foreign powers. A well-armed neutrality; more resources for the defence forces.

5. Less power for Brussle, more power to Stockholm. An European union should be based on cooperation between the nations, not on a centralisation of power to a undemocratic, non-elected bureaucracy who serves the interests of the multinational big companies rather than the European people. Reform the EU or demand a possible Swexit in the future.

6. More investments on renewable resources; more sun and windpower and less on oil and coalpower. Support the Paris Agreement!

7. Good healthcare for everyone; make it public and take away the control over the human health from the interests of the private market.

8. Higher pensions, earlier retirement; A long and hard working life should be rewarded with a worthy pay afterwards. Pensioners are human beings, not unusuable tools; respect them!

9. Strengthen LAS (Employment Protection Act), protect the interests of workers, because they're the true builders of society. Workers are human beings, not living tools; protect and respect the work they do every day to build and maintain out nation and society.

10. Strengthen the power of the unions within the labour market; create more democratic and humane workplaces, no dictatorship of the employer within the Swedish enterprise.

11. Full public support to education; no one should be excluded from any education becaused of his/her extraction or parentage. Reform the school work; less stress and haste, and more learning based on the student's wishes and capabilities. More resources and dignity ro the school employees. An educational system that benefits the human will to learn and gain knowledge, not the inhuman marketplace.

12. Public ownership of culture; no market interests should own it for the risks of decadence and decay of our culture. Museums, libraries and theaters shouldn't be privatized so that they'll remain open for everyone. A rich culture for the entire Swedish people!

13. Take back our tax money from the tax havens. The money should be used to build up our society, not to be hidden away in irresponsible rich man bankaccounts in foreign lands. Execute sanctions of the tax havens so that their irresponisble businesses will not harm out nation.

14. More autonomy for the Sami. The Sami are out only indigenous population and therefore they should their rights be respected as such. More politicial power on local terms for the Sami Parliament and the Sami villages. Support the Sami peoples' struggle against the foreign exploitations of their lands and resources.

15. Reinsert the residence permit; offer asylum to refugees and labor migrants. Respect the United Nations Charter's article about war-refugees. A free but yet regulated and controlled immigration policy!

16. Away with TTIP, CETA and other so-called "free trade agreements". Free trade should be based out of free exchange of ideas and goods within mutual rules and control of trade, not on a trade away of the power of national democracy to undemocratic managercourts who serves the interests of multinational big business. Away with ISDS and ICE, and let the people decide how trade should be managed.

17. Respect LSS, more resources for those with disabilies and neurologicial diagnoses so that they can a normal and worthy lives. Take discriminations against those with disabilities more seriously! One one would be discriminated for the cognitive and/or physical disabilities they were born with beyond their control and choice. Support handicapped citizens' right in society!

18. Build cheap leasehold estates for everyone; specially the youth! A good home is a basic human right, not a commodit. Build away the housing crises and stop the homelessness!

19. Build out the infrastructure, more investments on environmentally friendly transportations! more resources to the public transport. Cheaper ticket prizes for everyone, with free tickets for pensioners! A better traval for the environment and the public health!

20. We must take care of our countryside, because it's very important for those who lives there and because it makes an important role in the Swedish economy, which provide the nation with important resources, and therefore it'd be more prioritized than what it's today.

21. Gender equality is probably one of the most important topics we've in today's politics and it's one of our prioritizations in our partypolitical program.

22. A new educational principal that we've named "To Enlighten the People - Big and Small" that will use all knowledge that it'd to offer and to take care of.

23. Away with staffing companies. Jobs and works within the Swedish labour market should be based on serious entrepreneurship and not on what it's today, with dumpings of salaries and worsening of labour laws within this market becoming possible due to these staffing companies, which with their unserious form of business practice have converted the Swedish labour market into a modern form of wage slavery system there peoples' rights and conditions as workers have worsen and there incomes ends up in the pockets of this unserious entrepreneurship, when they should instead go to the society, including to the serious entrepreneurs, who've to witness their businesses go bankrupt when they can't compete as a result of this unserious practice. Abolish all forms of staffing companies, demand that workers should be employed directly and support instead the serious entrepreneurship.

24. We support the UN, but we believe that it could become a much more efficient organization, because we believe it has potential to actually improve the world and make life easier for its population. We think that UN should've more influence concerning managements and solutions about the conflicts happening all across the world, free from the great powers' interests and manipulations. We think that Sweden should've a more influent role within the UN, so that it could've more possibilities to influence the world politics to move toward a more peaceful and secure way.

25. Abolish the monarchy. We think that the idea that the highest political power should be herited based on someone's pre-born family belongings is the worst kind of political power. We think that this power should be granted to the most capable person with the right merits and experiences through the choice and support of the people. In other words, we support a meritocratic democracy, to which the monarchy is threatening. Therefore should the monarchy be abolished and be replaced with a democratic form of a presidential republic, with a Swedish citizen in the office.


More will come.


Claim back the nation to the Swedish people - The Freedom Party of the Sun!

The Freedom Party of the Sun -

The Political Party for the Future of the Swedish People


Our vision for an international cooperation between the continents of Africa and Europe is what we call the GU-model; a mutual cooperation between these two blocks would not only change the whole world, but it'd also unite the whole world. We must unite, we must extend out a hand and take that extended hand. We'd like to present to you The Third Reich - a vision that have been forgotten for a long time, but now has been resurrected. It's here before you. Nothing is impossible, everything is possible! We must look beyond our borders, borrow some milk from out neighbour and give out a helping hand when it cut the grass. The possibilities that exist and which are already here, are being made right NOW while we speak. Så here lies the plan before you. We of the Freedom Party of the Sun have been thinking through about this very carefully and have reached the agreement that the GU-model is a good and smart way to move foward. Our foreign policy is a model that has never been seen before and it's not anyone who can make it happen. We've realized that history has taught us one thing and another, and we must learn from it. Take care of each other; without somebody the other one wouldn't exist. That's why we're supporting this model of continental cooperations and it'l take more than eight years to create. It was a idea that was then made into a picture, to a voice, that afterwards was soon made to become reality. And we think long terms; the other parties are thinking short terms.